Tina Turner Inspired Leg Workout


Tina Turner insured her legs for $3.2 million. That’s a fact.  At 73 years old, Tina’s thighs are still rockin’! To pay homage to those gorgeous gams ( we should bring that word back from the 50s…”gams”), here’s a four-minute thigh workout that will tighten every inch of your legs. Want results? Do this every day for a week…it’s only four minutes!

Tina, we love you!!

4 thoughts on “Tina Turner Inspired Leg Workout

  1. Ooh this is awesome Nikki. I’m incorporating it into my 1-month countdown workout routine. Inspire me Tina! How heavy are the weights you’re using?

    1. Fantastic Shan! I’m using 2 lb toning balls here but often use 3 lbs as well. You will feel it even without weights!

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