Get Ready to Sweat

Take core training to the deepest possible level.

Belle Fusion Pilates is a challenging low impact full body workout performed to music combining Pilates, dance conditioning, yoga and functional training. We build on Pilates principles and take core work, full body strengthening and muscular endurance training to a greater intensity.

We use small props for big results: booty bands, 2 or 3 lb weights and mini stability balls. Prepare to feel the burn as you strengthen, lengthen and sweat in this pelvic floor friendly workout!

Feel strong, powerful and energized as you discover muscles you didn’t know you had! Women of all ages and fitness abilities can benefit from this class that offers an ideal alternative to high-intensity workouts that can potentially damage the pelvic floor and joints. Find joy in movement, prepare to sweat and get results!


  • Improve technique to get faster results
  • Learn to activate your deepest layer of core muscles
  • Sculpt, strengthen and define your muscles
  • Boost your metabolism with total body conditioning
  • Rewire poor patterns and improve your biomechanics
  • Understand how to use your core in daily life to prevent injury

Three Ways to Sweat

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