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Prepare to strengthen, lengthen and sweat

The Belle Method online program is a more intense fitness program for women during all other life stages—before pregnancy, and after the postpartum period.

This challenging 1 hour fitness video is a full body core workout performed to music fusing Pilates, dance conditioning and yoga. We build on Pilates technique and take abdominal work and full body strengthening to a greater intensity with deep muscle recruitment. Your booty and core will burn! Prepare to strengthen, lengthen and sweat.

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Take core training to the deepest possible level all in the comfort of your own home.


The Belle Method Online program builds on Pilates and Pelvic Health principles and takes core training to the deepest possible level. You will have lifetime access to this comprehensive workout video so you can workout at your own comfort. These workouts will be accessed digitally.

Take strength to a whole new level

In this challenging one-hour full body workout, you will work muscles you didn’t even know you had. This is a high intensity, low impact fusion of Pilates technique, yoga and dance conditioning. Prepare to transform your body, break a sweat and feel the burn, for real. Find your deepest possible core activation. Do it anywhere, anytime, with minimal equipment.


  • How to perform pelvic floor friendly abdominal crunches
  • Lift, firm and sculpt your booty from every angle
  • How to strengthen your posterior chain and improve posture
  • Connect your breath & pelvic floor for deep core activation
  • Tone your arms and improve shoulder strength
  • Reshape your thighs with ballet-inspired movements

“I have been doing the Belle Method online video workout for years. It provides a challenging, full body workout that helps me maintain my fitness level when I am travelling or not able to attend an in-person class. I love that you can choose to do the full workout or break it down into segments if you have limited time or want to focus on a particular body part. Nikki's instructions are clear and precise to ensure you are doing the movements properly for maximum results!”
— Natalie S.

Program Benefits

Get ready to work muscles you didn’t even know you had, and learn the principles of core activation that will benefit you in daily life!


  • Get results from anywhere – workout at home or when travelling
  • Learn proper technique to ensure you get results, guaranteed
  • Choose shorter body-part focused sections if you’re short on time
  • Challenge your body with low impact, pelvic-floor friendly movement

“The Belle Fusion home workout video is a must-have! Nikki works you hard and keeps you motivated anywhere and anytime. I love how the video is broken out into sections so you can customize and vary your workout day to day. It's the next best thing to sweating it out in class and I always get results!!”
— Amanda S.

The Belle Method is a more intense fitness program for women during all other life stages—before pregnancy, and after the postpartum period. We build on Pilates and Pelvic Health principles, challenging you as we take core training to the deepest possible level.

“The online Belle Method Pilates Fusion workout is a game changer! Following along is really easy and it's always an “I’m-sore-in-all-the-right-places-the-next day” kind of workout. It is so convenient to do it from the comfort of your own home. Highly recommend!”
— Ashley C.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have lifetime access to this program?

    Yes, you have lifetime access to this program, and all of its future updates.
  • Do I need any special equipment?

    2 or 3 lb. weights, mini Pilates ball and booty band (medium to heavy resistance (available here: https://www.amazon.ca/shop/thebellemethod).
    Travel hack: you can use water bottles instead of small weights, and a pillow instead of a ball!
  • Is this program Diastasis Recti safe?

    Women with diastasis recti should first do The Bump Method Postpartum Core Restore program, and see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist.

    The Belle Method online workout is a challenging fusion of exercises, including planks and Pilates-inspired abdominal work. Some of these movements are not appropriate for women in the earlier stages of core rehab. IF you can generate good tension in your abdominal wall and linea alba (middle of your six-pack muscle) and don’t see any doming during planks and curl ups, then you’re ready for The Belle Method workout!
  • Do I have to do the whole workout all at once?

    Nope! Each video is broken into clips below the full workout. Choose a shorter 15-20 minute section if you are short on time!
  • How often should I do this workout program?

    For maximum results, doing the full workout 3 times a week is ideal! But squeeze it in whenever you can. We know you are doing your best to take care of YOU! And that’s pretty awesome.

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