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The Methods

The Bump Method™ and The Belle Method™ are comprehensive fitness programs for women created by Nikki Bergen. The methods combine Pilates, Functional Training and Pelvic Health research, creating choreography from science.

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Stay Fit and Strong During and After Pregnancy

Learn to activate the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, heal diastasis recti, and feel confident and empowered for birth and postpartum recovery.

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Prenatal Pilates | Postnatal Pilates

Pilates Meets Pelvic Health

The Belle Method is a more intense fitness program during all other life stages—before pregnancy, and after the postpartum period. We build on Pilates and Pelvic Health principles, challenging you as we take core training to the deepest possible level.

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Belle Fusion Pilates

Discover your personalized fitness plan to strengthen and restore your pelvic floor & core

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Client Love

  • “I have been doing the Belle Method and Bump Method classes (and videos) for over three years, through varying phases of my life, and two babies later. With my background being in exercise science, I was impressed by the method upon my first class as each workout was unique, thoughtfully planned, executed and contained balanced and efficient exercises. An amazing workout that helps align, strengthen and stretch! Whether you are just getting started on your fitness journey, are looking to balance out your current regime, are pregnant or getting back in shape postpartum or are looking for an extra challenge in your already fit lifestyle, the Belle and Bump Method classes will meet you where you are.”
    — Katrina M.
  • “I started doing The Bump Method program during my 5th pregnancy. I did all the core and pelvic floor exercises throughout pregnancy and postpartum. I felt strong the entire time and recovered faster than with any of my other pregnancies - and bonus, I can jump on the trampoline with my 5 kiddos without any accidents!”
    — Sher S.
Nikki Bergen, smiling at camera

Inspirational Trainer and Creative Educator

Meet Nikki

Nikki Bergen is the Creator of The Belle Method and The Bump Method Inc. She is an expert trainer with a passion for helping women feel confident and strong throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Nikki is one of Canada’s most sought after health and fitness experts. A former professional dancer, Nikki has dedicated her life to creating ground breaking fitness programs designed specifically for women that combine Pilates and Pelvic Health, creating choreography from science.

She created The Belle Method and The Bump Method exercise programs to help women strengthen their deep core and pelvic floor muscles for a safer and easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

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