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Restore your core & pelvic floor

Endorsed and recommended by OB’s, Midwifes and Pelvic PT’s, The Bump Method Postnatal programs combine Pilates and pelvic health research with functional training.

Learn how to retrain your abdominal wall, fix bladder leaks, manage prolapse and improve diastasis recti. Discover expert guidance on how to rebuild strength after pregnancy!

Mamas, we are here for you. Here are two class levels to choose from! 


Not sure where to start your rehab? Start here!  You can begin as early as 3-4 weeks post uncomplicated vaginal delivery OR 6-8 weeks post cesarean birth or assisted vaginal delivery (forceps, vacuum episiotomy etc)

  • Reduce bladder incontinence
  • Improve pelvic organ prolapse symptoms
  • Evidence-based approaches to improving diastasis recti
  • Learn diaphragmatic breathing for pelvic floor and core healing
  • Improve fascial mobility for c-section recovery
  • Reduce common back pain from feeding/holding babies

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The Bump Method Postnatal Level 2 class is appropriate for new mamas AFTER having completed either Level 1, or our 4th Trimester Bump Method Online program.  We recommend starting no sooner than 3 months postpartum. Can you hold a full plank for 30 seconds without pain or doming? If not yet, start with Level 1!

  • Loaded core work for progressive overload
  • Understand safe and appropriate crunches, planks
  • Learn how to challenge your tissue, without strain
  • Start phase 2 of diastasis recti training
  • Prep to return to running and high impact movements

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You will learn:
Week 1: Pelvic Floor, active core breathing & the 6 P’s
Week 2: Diastasis Recti 101
Week 3: Prolapse & reducing heaviness
Week 4: Incontinence & improving stress, urge, and OAB
Week 5: ABC’s, posture & open kinetic chain
Week 6: Crunches 101
Week 7: Goldilocks Zone: progressive overload 101
Week 8: Intro to Running Postpartum


Bonus Resources (6 month access)

Curated resources for C-section recovery, Diastasis Recti, Prolapse, Pain Relief & more
Nutritional Supplement guidelines
Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List
Printable Wellness Calendar
12 Technique Tip Videos
24 On-demand workout videos (under 15 min each)
10 On-demand workout videos (20-30 min each)
2-hour Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop
C-section Scar Massage Workshop
Interview with Dr Sinead Dufour, PhD on Pelvic Health Tips
Prolapse and Incontinence with Urogynecologist Dr Carolyn Best
Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Support with Dr Marisa Perera, PhD
Curated Podcasts
Recommended Books
Printable Postnatal Affirmations

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You will learn:
Week 1: Pelvic Floor & Core Breathing Review
Week 2: Diastasis Recti: fascial restrictions & overload
Week 3: Incontinence, prolapse & strategies for scaling
Week 4: P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Pelvic Floor
Week 5: Crunches, Planks & HIIT
Week 6: Return to Running
Week 7: Heart Bottom Syndrome
Week 8: Hormones, Gut Health & The Goldilocks Zone


Bonus Resources (6 month access)

Curated resources for return to high impact exercise
Nutritional Supplement guidelines
Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List
Printable Wellness Calendar
8 Technique Tip Videos
23 On-demand workout videos (under 15 min each)
10 On-demand workout videos (20-30 min each)
Meditation and Yoga videos
Pelvic Health Tips with a PT & Urogynecologist
Curated Podcasts
Recommended Books
Printable Postnatal Affirmations

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  • I've been doing the Postnatal Level 1 class the last 5 weeks and I had to reach out to say how life-changing it has been for me. I'm now almost 5 months postpartum with my first. I was devastated to find out I had POP at 6 weeks postpartum.
    Until I started your class, I was TERRIFIED of doing anything for fear I would worsen my prolapse. I was doing isolated pelvic floor exercises and breathing recommended by my PT and had bought another self-guided postpartum program but I couldn't bring myself to start it because I felt overwhelmed by the choreography. It was a pretty dark time for me. I even cried watching my husband workout one night because I thought I never would again.
    I signed up for the postnatal class and have been doing it 3 x a week since we started and it has made a world of difference for me. With the pace, the cueing and the slow build up, I'm confident I know how to do these exercises in a way that is safe for my body (no sign of any of the 6 P's!) and I'm feeling SO much better - less symptomatic from my POP but also overall stronger and more at home in my body. Thank you so much Nikki for creating a wonderful program and Kim for the great instruction!
    - Jennifer S
  • I've been doing your classes since I was 6 mo pregnant and now I'm 5 mo postpartum and I look and feel better than I ever have and safely improved my diastasis - it's almost gone. Thank you for your amazing content and sincere, empowering information. I'm a midwife and I'll be referring women to you for effective and safe exercise in pregnancy and postpartum. Thanks so much. You've had a very positive impact on me.
    - Seneca A
  • Dear Nikki, I just did the first session of your Postnatal Class and have tears of joy. I felt muscles literally come back to life at 22 months postpartum. Huge thank you. I will do my best to repeat the exercises at least 2 more times this week. Virtual hugs from Madagascar!
    - Vanessa M
  • I just wanted to give a big thank you/shout out to Kim and Nikki. I'm in the Postnatal Level 1 class, and just finished week 6 of the program. It's wicked-good! I am feeling SO much more in control and stable in my body relative to how I felt postnatally after my first baby. I've done other workouts and can now tell immediately when I've gone overboard, when I'm not managing pressure or don't have control back yet. So cool! Knowledge is power. THANK YOU!
    - Meredith M
  • A quick note of THANKS and APPRECIATION for your incredible online postpartum classes. I have two kids almost the same age as yours. I've done primarily privates for pre and postnatal Pilates until now. Your instruction and cueing is just like being in a private. I just completed Level 2 week #3 class - every time my mind is blown and my butt is kicked. I especially love when your son wants to join the classes. Thank you!!!
    - Christy P
  • I just wanted to send you a message to tell you how incredible this program is. I started The Bump Method Online at the beginning of my 2nd trimester at the recommendation of my pelvic floor physiotherapist. I did the program twice a week throughout my pregnancy. I started the postpartum program 2 weeks after I delivered my daughter (delivered vaginally, 3rd child). Right now I'm participating in the Level 2 program taught by Nikki. I feel amazing! I've been able to run and jump without feeling any laxity in my pelvic floor. After my first delivery 3 years ago, it took me almost a YEAR to be able to jump without leaking urine. I'm now 8 weeks postpartum and I've been out running twice and I feel, well, normal. My core and pelvic floor both feel strong and supported. I can't say enough about this program! I'm a family doctor and can't wait to recommend this to my pregnant patients. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    - Dr Shayna
  • Just wanted to let you know that I loved your Level 2 postpartum classes. It was so much fun to do them live over Zoom. Your energy really shines through the screen and you keep me motivated to work hard and sweat. I feel so strong, and as an added bonus, I actually have a 6-pack now.
    - Jesse W

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