Bump Postnatal Pilates

Connect to your deep core and pelvic floor

Endorsed and recommended by Ob Gyn’s, Midwifes and Pelvic Physiotherapists, The Bump Method Postnatal programs combine Pilates and pelvic health research with functional training.

The Bump Method teaches women how to connect to their deep core and pelvic floor, how to fix bladder leaks, manage prolapse and heal diastasis recti (commonly referred to as separated abdominals). Discover how to reclaim your strength and confidence after pregnancy.

Mamas, you got this. Let us help you reclaim your strength and confidence after pregnancy.


  • Heal diastasis recti
  • Address incontinence (aka “light bladder leakage”)
  • Reduce common back pain from feeding/holding babies
  • Improve postural alignment
  • Reduce pelvic organ prolapse symptoms
  • Learn diaphragmatic breathing for pelvic floor and core healing
  • Improve fascial mobility to improve c-section recovery
  • Improve symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression
  • Regain your strength and confidence!

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