The Bump Method – exercise during pregnancy

There are few things that change a woman’s body more quickly or dramatically than pregnancy.  Hormonal and emotional changes aside (that’s a different article!); the physical growth of the baby has profound implications for the mother’s body.

The Bump Method is a Pilates based exercise program designed to safely and effectively train women both during and immediately after pregnancy.  Our Pilates focus is crucial in that it focuses on creating pelvic stability; pelvic floor connection and it addresses muscular imbalances. To understand just why a specific Pre and Post Natal Fitness program is necessary, here’s a short list of some of the muscular changes that often take place during pregnancy.

–       Hamstrings lengthen

–       Hip flexors (psoas) shorten

–       Pelvis shifts anteriorly (i.e. lower back curve gets larger)

–       Hormone relaxin creates joint hyper mobility

–       Shoulders protract and internally rotate

–       Arches of feet flatten (pronate)

–       Outer glutes weaken as pelvis widens

–       Pectoral muscles tighten

–       Pelvic floor drops

–       Maximum heart rate changes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters

Studies have proven that moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and unborn baby. Training can mitigate some of the physical changes listed above, can decrease back pain and can assist in an easier delivery. Training during pregnancy will also facilitate an easier post-baby recovery!

After the baby arrives, women so often struggle to “get their body back”.  Pilates focused training is the key to a safe and swift recovery. One of the greatest physical challenges after giving birth is the rehabilitating of stretched and separated abdominal muscles.  If the abdominal wall separates more than 1.5 cm  (2 fingers), this is called diastasis recti.  The Bump Method technique teaches women to work their core muscles intrinsically, or in other words, from the inside out.  This methodology helps repair both diastasis and caesarean sections by essentially drawing the deep layer of abdominal muscles back together.

To all the mothers out there, here’s to you!

We will be hosting a Bump Method Pre and Post Natal instructional workshop on Sunday October 27  from 1 pm – 4 pm at RPM Total Fitness Studio in The Junction. 2968 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON. Registration coming soon.

Contact to reserve your spot. 



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