Spread the Health

Spread The Health Cookbook was created by Dr. Carolyn Best, Urogynecologist, Obstetrician, Mother and front line health care worker in support of Food Banks Canada Covid-19 Response Fund.

In addition to her medical practice, Dr. Best is an accomplished self-taught chef and has been compiling plant based recipes over the past year on her Instagram account @BestBuddingChef.

She befriended Pilates Instructor Nikki Bergen (currently 38 weeks pregnant!) who is behind the social media account @TheBelleMethod.

Nikki saw the opportunity to put Dr. Best’s incredible recipes to greater use, and had the idea of creating a digital e-cookbook to rally support and donations for people in need during Covid-19.

This is about supporting each other. This is about taking care of our community. This is about mother’s helping mothers as “34% of those relying on food banks nationally are children, when they only represent 19% of the population.”

We are stronger together. Thank you for your support, and for Spreading The Health! 100 % of proceeds go to support Food Banks of Canada. 

*Special thank you to Melissa from The Blondes design for her tireless support, and for working pro-bono on this fundraising project!


contains 50 plant based recipes

  • smoothies
  • breakfasts
  • snacks
  • salads
  • soups
  • sweets & treats
  • dressings
  • hearty mains

You’ll also get pantry essentials, options for gluten-free, nut-free, quick prep, and freezer-friendly recipes. Enjoy the clickable index for easy recipe access!



Spread the Health

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