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The Bump Method is a safe yet challenging Pilates-based fitness program designed to support women through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. Workouts are tailored to reflect the unique needs of each trimester of pregnancy.

Endorsed and recommended by Ob Gyn’s, Midwifes and Pelvic Physiotherapists, The Bump Method teaches women how to connect to their deep core and pelvic floor, how to prevent excessive diastasis recti (separated abdominals) and how to prepare for an empowered birth and smoother postpartum recovery.

The Bump Method Prenatal programs combine Pilates and pelvic health research, teaching women the principles of deep core muscle activation that will help them throughout their lives.

Mamas will learn to work their deepest layer of abdominals, reducing diastasis recti and bladder leaks by learning to regulate intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) from the growing baby.

Connect with your pelvic floor, prepare for birth and set yourself up for an easier postpartum recovery.


  • Easier delivery and reduced labour time
  • Helps prevent diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • Helps prevent incontinence (bladder leakage)
  • Helps prevent pelvic organ prolapse
  • Strengthened core muscles for easier pushing during delivery
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles resulting in fewer episiotomies and tearing
  • Faster return to pre-pregnancy weight
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Reduced low back and pelvic pain
  • Reduced pelvic floor muscle imbalances
  • More efficiently delivers blood and oxygen to the heart and brain, enhancing energy-levels

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