Prenatal Pilates & Push Prep

Prepare for an empowering birth

Endorsed by Ob Gyn’s, Midwives and Pelvic PT’s, our 8-week Prenatal Pilates & Push Prep Course teaches you how to mentally & physically prepare for an empowered birth and smooth postpartum recovery.

Prevent excessive diastasis recti (abdominal separation), bladder leaks and pelvic organ prolapse by learning to regulate intra-abdominal pressure. Improve back and ‘SPD’ pelvic pain. Reduce pelvic floor trauma with better pushing techniques – with or without an epidural! Arm yourself with evidence based education that you won’t find in traditional birth prep classes!

We have supported thousands of people from around the world in having their best possible pregnancy and birth experience. It is a deep honour and privilege to support you on this life-changing journey.


  • 35 follow-along Prenatal Pilates Workouts
  • 11 Stretch & Technique videos
  • 8 weekly education lectures & Q&A with Nikki
  • 2-hour Childbirth & Pushing Without Fear Partner Workshop
  • 2-hour Core & Pelvic Floor Rehab Workshop
  • Dr Sinead Dufour, PhD on Reducing Tearing
  • Psychologist Dr Stacy Thomas on Birth Trauma
  • Lactation Consultant on Breastfeeding Prep
  • Reducing Fear of Birth with Nikki’s Midwife
  • C-section Recovery Workshop
  • Perinatal Mental Health Resources from Social Workers
  • VBAC printable Resources
  • Hospital packing list
  • 4-page Postpartum Recovery Items List
  • 20 Printable Affirmation Cards
  • Printable Birth “Plan” Template

*You do not need to join live! Receive class recordings to do at your convenience.

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You will learn:
Week 1: Core & Pelvic Floor anatomy & “Hug-The-Baby” Breathing.
Week 2: Reducing Intra-Abdominal Pressure and Diastasis Recti in pregnancy
Week 3: The ABC’s, The 6 P’s & Progressive Underload
Week 4: The Reflexive Core and Pushing
Week 5: Reducing Fear of Birth & Pain Management
Week 6: Pelvic Floor: Opening the Pelvic Outlet for birth
Week 7: Self-Advocating & Birth Partner Tips
Week 8: Your Birth “Plan” & Postpartum Recovery Prep

Bonus Resources (6 month access)

  • 35 follow-along workouts
  • 11 Technique & Stretch videos
  • Prenatal Meditation video
  • 2-hour Childbirth & Pushing Without Fear Workshop with Nikki’s Doula
  • 2-hour Core & Pelvic Floor Rehab Workshop (ideal for postpartum)
  • Interview with Psychologist Dr Stacy Thomas on Birth Trauma
  • Interview with Dr Sinead Dufour, PhD on Reducing Tearing
  • Lactation Consultant interview on breastfeeding preparation
  • Interview on Prenatal Pelvic Health Tips with Dr Sinead Dufour, PhD
  • Interview on Reducing Fear of Birth with Nikki’s midwife
  • C-section recovery workshop
  • VBAC resources
  • Hospital packing list
  • 4-page Postpartum Recovery Items List
  • 20 Printable Affirmation Cards
  • Printable Birth “Plan” Template


  • I have to say that your Push Prep course was the single greatest prep for my labor, which was a 36 hour affair. In the end, I was able to deliver my baby vaginally with just 7 mins of pushing...and no tearing even though she had shoulder dystocia and didn’t turn from a right side posterior position! My midwives were so impressed with my pushing, which I credit to your class. At the end of a long saga, I insisted that I would not be doing any “purple pushing,” and was actually met with resistance until I started pushing with your technique and was literally cheered on by the delivery squad. Thank you SO much for your knowledge and encouragement. It was invaluable during my birthing experience. 
    - Nina P
  • First off, I have to thank YOU for the amazing platform and community you’ve built for us all to learn from. If there’s a silver lining of being pregnant during a pandemic, it’s been stumbling upon your Instagram account and joining your Prenatal Push Prep class to help prepare for the birth of my first child. I can say with 100% confidence, your classes were the BEST investment I could have made for myself during my pregnancy.
    I had the unmedicated, natural birth of my dreams. It’s true what they say, you forget about all the “pain” instantly. My recovery has been easier than I had anticipated and each day I feel stronger and more confident as a FTM.  I can’t wait to join the postnatal classes! Thank you, again! You’ve been a true inspiration and guiding light throughout the last 10 months of my life.
    - Elizabeth F
  • After a challenging birth for my first child, I knew I wanted to learn all that I could to achieve a different outcome for my second. These programs [the Bump Method Online and the Prenatal Pilates & Push Prep 8-week course] are filled with amazing coaching and research-based movements for you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule! What a world of difference I experienced in my second birth, entering into the delivery with knowledge of how to position my body, relaxation and breathing techniques, and a deep understanding of proper muscle engagement for pushing. These programs are one-of-kind resources that will empower and prepare you for all types of birth!
    - Sarah R

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