The Belle Philosophy

A Fitness Philosophy for Women: THE BELLE METHOD

After over a decade in the fitness industry, experience with countless female clients has led me to believe in a philosophy that’s proven effective time and again.  Despite all of our unique differences, this method holds true across the board.  Years of experience have demonstrated that fitness success (and life success for that matter!) depends greatly on the following points. These points are an acronym that makes up The Belle Method, a Fitness Philosophy for Women.

B– Be True to Yourself – Make time for yourself.  Take care of yourself. We all have the same 24 hours each day.  Only you can carve out the time you deserve.  Practice saying ‘no’ when it doesn’t serve you and schedule workout time in your calendar.  Ask for help when you need it and remember every positive change happens with self-love!  You deserve health, happiness and a body you love. Go get it girl!

E – Elevate your Awareness – Mediate on what you really really want. Is there room in your life to welcome all the amazing gifts waiting for you, just around the corner? What is going well in your life? What would you like to change? Self-reflect on goals and write them down. Put that piece of paper in a place you will see everyday.

L– Learn to get Results – Recruit the help of experts who will tailor a workout and nutrition program to your goals and lifestyle. Learn how to eat healthy on the run. Learn to improve your technique to accelerate progress.  A good instructor corrects form, adjusts posture and offers modifications so you can workout hard, but safely.

L – Live the Challenge – Get a coach you respect and trust. Make a commitment to taking daily action steps to your goal. Look at your goals everyday.  Designate a “go-to” person to call who will act as your personal cheerleader when you’re feeling off.  Give yourself benchmarks (like those jeans from college) to measure success and progress; this will keep you motivated and inspired!

E – Evolve your Life – Health, happiness and confidence are all within your reach. If you follow these steps you will feel a difference in your mind and body. Everything starts with loving yourself enough to make a change, then setting your goals, committing to daily action, surrounding yourself with positive people and asking for support.  Here’s to your evolution. Here’s to your success!

The Belle Method is all about women helping other women feel strong and beautiful inside and out. You can do it. See you in class!

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