7 of the Most Overlooked Newborn Baby Essentials

Being a first-time mom can be overwhelming. I remember making countless lists of ALL the baby items I would need, spending HOURS reviewing stroller features, diaper bags and baby swings online. I felt like I needed ALL the things otherwise I wasn’t going to be prepared.

Because, well, you can never be too prepared right, and I’m a Virgo, and it’s kinda what we do. 😛

Well, I have learned a few things about what you really need (less than you think!). Here’s hoping this is helpful for the new mamas, and might save you some time (and money!)

Here are 7 of the most overlooked baby essentials:

1) Onesies with Zippers – Snaps are cute, but a total pain at 3 am when you’re fumbling around changing diapers in the dark. Zippers are where it’s at.

2) Ivory Snow Newborn detergent Regular detergent can be harsh on your newborn baby’s skin and cause irritations. I learned that the hard way! Ivory Snow is the #1 pediatrician recommended baby detergent and designed specifically for babies. I love it because it’s gentle on baby’s delicate skin, hypoallergenic, but also gets out those spit up stains!

I used it for pre-washing both new clothes and hand me dow    n clothes and continue to use it now that baby Hendrik has arrived! When I was pregnant I actually loved carefully washing and folding Hendrik’s tiny little outfits – nesting is real. After all that prep, finally seeing him wearing those little outfits is such an amazing feeling that’s hard to describe. So happy he’s finally here!!

3) Sitz Bath and Stool Softeners – These are not usually popular items on the baby shower circuit, but ladies, they are key! That first post delivery bowel movement can be scary. Stool softeners and a sitz bath make a world of difference. You want to avoid straining – regardless of whether you’ve had a vaginal or caesarian birth. I’ve had stitches and tearing with both of my births, and I used a sitz bath and stool softeners for the first 3 weeks religiously. Get some!

4) Breast Pump Flange that actually fits – If you plan to pump, make sure you have the right fit! The flange is the attachment that actually covers your nipple as you pump. The standard 24 mm size that came with my breast pump was too small, and I started getting pain and soreness as my nipple rubbed against the sides of the breast flange tunnel (note: this has nothing to do with breast size as I am barely a B cup).

You want your nipple to move freely inside the tunnel, not rub against the sides. You also don’t want it to be too large that too much of your nipple is getting sucked into the tunnel! The right fit will reduce discomfort, and you’ll get more milk! You can estimate the size you need out by measuring the circumference of your areola. I ended up getting one size up and it was a game changer!

5) Postpartum Belly Wrap – Wrapping your core in the first 6- 8 weeks postpartum can be very helpful to provide support for your back and core as you recover. It’s especially helpful if you have significant diastasis recti (separated abs from pregnancy) or if you had a c-section. Note: it’s NOT a waist trainer and you need to wrap it correctly to make sure you don’t put too much downward pressure on your pelvic floor. Here’s the one I recommend! 

6) Wipeable changing pad – You’ll be doing a lot of laundry as it is. There will be pee and poop explosions. It’s going to happen. Get yourself a changing pad that you can wipe clean and save yourself extra laundry! Here’s the one we got. 

7) Good nursing bras – Pro tip, buy 2 when you’re pregnant, then at least 2 more once your milk comes in as you may need to go up a size! Once your milk supply is established, some women notice breast size goes down again. Crazy huh? So get some bras in different sizes. You’ll want a great t-shirt nursing bra, sports nursing bra, comfy for sleeping nursing bra and maybe a little something that’s a little lacy – you deserve it mama!

What newborn essentials are your list? Let me know below!

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