Nikki Bergen

Belle Fusion

Belle Core Fusion Pilates is a transformative full-body core workout performed to music combining Pilates, dance technique, plyometrics and yoga. We build on basic Pilates principles and take abdominal work, toning and flexibility training to a deeper intensity using concentrated movements and deep muscle recruitment. We use small props for big results: flex bands, 2 – 3 lb weights and mini-balls. Prepare to strengthen, lengthen and sweat!


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    What people are saying!

  • I’ve been working out with Nikki for over two years and she continues to surprise me at every class.  She varies her classes so you are never bored and each week brings new challenges. Not only does Nikki offer an incredibly intense and challenging workout, but she does it all with a smile. You can’t help but love her and go back for more!
    - Kyra B.

  • Nikki’s Pilates class offers a balanced blend of strength and flexibility. Her passion for Pilates is addictive, and she is extremely knowledgeable in her field.  She is one of a kind instructor and I enjoy the challenges she presents, as well as the knowledge and personal attention she offers to each student.  Since taking her classes, I have developed more core strength and muscle tone, greater flexibility, stress reduction, and an overall sense of wellness.
    - Christine N.