Nikki Bergen

The Methods

the belle method

The Belle Method is the creation of Pilates Instructor and professional Dancer Nikki Bergen. Belle is Fitness Philosophy designed for women that combines the core technique of Pilates, the intensity of bootcamp and the zen of yoga. Belle is about feeling strong and beautiful inside and out. It is about:
Being true to yourself: It’s about self-care, carving out time for yourself and being honest about your needs. Sometimes you have to come first!
Elevating your awareness:what’s working and what’s not working in your body and in your life. It’s about being mindful and deciding to take action.
Learning to get results: We teach you how to reach your goals. Classes focus on toning, strengthening and tightening target areas for a highly effective workout.
Living the challenge. It’s about creating your reality. With the right tools and support, you can accomplish anything!
Evolving your life. Need we say more?

This is the method that will show you how. In addition to the Belle Method fitness classes, we offer the Bump Method pre and post natal classes, the Pink Method exercise for breast cancer recovery, private training, coaching and certification for fitness professionals. And by the way, you are already beautiful.

the bump method

The Bump Method is an exercise program designed for women to stay fit and strong during and after pregnancy. In both our Pre and Post-Natal classes we combine Pilates, low-impact (chest-friendly!) dance techniques and targeted toning with 1-3 lb weights, flex bands and stability balls.

You will learn to work your abdominal wall from the inside out, prepping your body for delivery, supporting your back and speeding up your post-partum recovery. Learn to tighten your tummy safely, correct postural imbalances, recover from diastasis and c-sections and exercise for results, with confidence.


the pink method

Inspired by The Pink Ribbon Program, The Pink Method is a Pilates and dance based exercise method for breast cancer recovery. While many of the program’s rehabilitative elements address muscular imbalances common to breast surgery, women survivors of all cancers will benefit from participating in
The Pink Method workshops and private classes.
When it comes to choosing a safe and effective exercise program for cancer survivors, Pilates covers the bases. Pilates has its roots in physical therapy and was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s to rehabilitate bedridden soldiers from WW1. Pilates both during and after treatment can help to alleviate pain and restore energy,  joint mobility, tissue integrity, and overall strength.

The benefits of The Pink Method go beyond the physical – many women report feeling emotionally recharged after the class. Dance movement after invasive surgery is empowering and can help alleviate feelings of depression, get you back to feeling “normal” and releases endorphins of “happy hormones”, which elevate mood.