$35 USD \ $47 CAD

This comprehensive 50 minute digital prenatal workout is designed for women in their 2nd trimester of pregnancy, between 14 and 27 weeks.  Strengthen your body safely and effectively. Hormone levels have stabilized now that the placenta is built and this workout introduces new challenges to keep you energized and fit!

Here’s a video preview of the complete Bump Method program!


Second Trimester: 14-26 weeks ( 50 minute workout)

This comprehensive 50 minute digital workout program is designed for women in their 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The 2nd trimester is when hormone levels have stabilized as the placenta has now been fully built. This means it’s usually a good time to add new dynamic movements to your workout program – you can physically challenge yourself more during this time than any other time during pregnancy.

The program builds on the foundations of the 1st trimester workout and is designed to strengthen and prevent postural changes as belly grows.

Suggested equipment: mat, 1 to 3 lb. hand weights and a pillow for support.

Choose to watch the full digital workout from beginning to end, or select from various clips to customize your exercise experience.