Healthy Partnership

Work/Life balance is possible!

Let us be your partner in achieving a fun and effective employee wellness program!

We provide Pilates classes, fascial stretch sessions, wellness talks, workshops, and corporate retreats for businesses across Canada through Elevate Retreats.

Office sessions are taught by fully certified fitness professionals to improve your team’s energy, flexibility and mental focus, all in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Your team will benefit from improved body awareness and will learn movement principles to apply in their daily activities. Both men and women can benefit.

We focus on strengthening the core, releasing tight muscles, improving posture and reducing common tension associated with deskwork. Let us be your partner in achieving a healthy workplace and demonstrating that work life balance is possible!

Learn the science behind nervous system regulation, discover how to rapidly reduce stress, increase energy, relieve tension and improve mental focus.


• Increased Productivity

• Relived stress and tension

• Heightened employee concentration

• Improved overall workplace morale

• A demonstrated commitment to work like balance

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