Happiness Quiz

What I’m about to write is heresy to gym goers, and many might ask, “Why on earth would she share this information on her fitness company’s website!?” I share this simply because it is by far the most compelling research on living a healthy and happy life. And you Belles deserve to know! (Spoiler alert: it does NOT prescribe exercise in the way we think of it!) This TEDMED talk from National Geographic writer and founder of Blue Zones, Dan Buettner, is 16 minutes but worth the time. Watch it!

Here’s my Cole’s Notes version of this talk:

1) “Make the active option the easy option” – Research shows us that 90% of people with gym memberships drop out after 3 years. Walk more (get a dog!), cultivate a garden, watch less TV, bike to work, socialize with a large network and spend more time outside. Create a life where natural movement happens everyday.

2) “Eat mostly plants, seeds, legumes” –  Meat is ok. Tofu is better. Before you dismiss the research, know they also strongly endorse wine consumption (got your attention again?!) Also, plate your food in the kitchen vs family style at the table.  Stop eating when you’re 80% full to give your brain time to register that hunger has been satisfied.

3) Know why you get up in the morning ( in one phrase) Have a strong sense of purpose, a close circle of friends who are active, healthy and happy and take at least one day a week to downshift. Take this free Blue Zones True Happiness QUIZ to get personalized recommendations on bringing more happiness into your life!

By the way, I did the quiz and turns out they were pretty accurate!  I need to get a dog, sleep in more, drink more wine and plan a monthly girls spa weekend (well, they didn’t say it like that, but that’s my take home!) What’s yours? 🙂