Your better starts here

Right after the”Arctic Enema” obstacle, a pool of ice water, mud and barb wire!

What inspires you to strive for more? Picture feeling strong, fast, agile and full of energy. Imagine what you’re doing.

This August, The Bad Ass Belles ran a 4 hour military style obstacle course called Tough Mudder (woah was tough, and yes, hella muddy). Over 16,000 participants descended upon Mount St. Louis Moonstone ski resort just north of Toronto for a weekend of camaraderie, ridiculous costumes and intense personal challenge.

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy at all! But, it was so very worth it. There were moments all of us felt like quitting, but we cheered, supported and encouraged each other onwards. The energy was contagious! Perfect strangers helped lift each other over 20 foot walls, pull fellow Mudders through dark tunnels, navigate electric shocks and literally push each other up black diamond ski hills. We were all a bit delirious by the end!

Picture a 16,000 + person team all supporting each other in achieving their personal best. It was not a race, it was a challenge.  It was a testament to the power of intention, of determination and of the human spirit! Together, we can accomplish more than we ever imagined possible.

The Belles are here to help you pursue your better – whether you’re wearing zebra print tights, yoga pants, or a power suit. Life is going to get muddy, and we’re here to pull you through!

PS. This video really pumped me up for training! Check it out..