Push Ups: The true story

Push Ups are in virtually every fitness class out there! Yogi’s call them “chaturanga”, Bootcampers often combine them with burpees and Pilates enthusiasts do highly choreographed versions of the exercise from a standing roll down position.

So what? So my friends, call the exercise what you like but make sure the form is correct!  Incorrect push up form can compress the lumbar spine, torque the elbows and wreak havoc on your rotator cuffs. Here’s a video that shows how to do it right ( Nikki starts with what NOT to do, and Riikka corrects.)

Here are the top 3 things to be mindful of during push ups ( drum roll please….)

1) Keep your abs TIGHT! You’re not breakdancing, so don’t do “the worm”. You want go up and down stiff as a board.

2) NEVER lower your shoulders below your elbows. You internally rotate the humerus          (upper arm bone), create neck tension and strain the ball and socket joint.

3) MODIFY! Drop to your knees if you’re getting tired. Don’t sacrifice form to stay in high plank.

Here’s to learning to love this full body exercise! Now drop down and give me 20!! 🙂