Finding your Passion – The Shortcut

Consult any life coach, take a zen retreat or flip pages of any personal growth book and the topic of “finding your passion” will inevitably surface. There’s a widespread idea that living your fullest, happiest life is absolutely possible, it just involves a few key steps (here follows the abbr. reader’s digest version)

START: current life dissatisfaction→ need for soul searching ( enter coaches, retreats, self help aisle)→ reflection→ ‘eureka moment’ →decision to follow passion → massive life/job/relationship changes→ happiness and abundance.

For someone at square number 1 in the above flow chart, the road to happiness and abundance can seem rocky to say the least. So many times I hear clients and friends lament, “How am I supposed to find my ‘passion’?” What if I don’t have a passion? What does finding your passion even mean?”

Well friends, I’d like to save you some angst. A wise man once gave me this advice; “Honey, the only way you’re gonna stumble on anything is to keep taking steps forwards.” That’s it you say? That’s it.

Keep trying new things. Take that random course. Surround yourself with positive people who push you forwards with their energy. Say buh-bye to Debbie Downer! Notice how certain activities make you feel. What sparks your creativity? What would you do for free? What do you like talking about? What activities make you stop watching the clock?

Then start doing it. And if you get a little freaked out, keep doing it! Nothing worth doing ever came easy. The good news is there’s a whole community of courageous women out there who believe in you, your dreams and want to help make it all happen.