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The Pelvic Health Mastery online program is designed to educate and empower women to understand their pelvic floor, to advocate for themselves and to take actionable steps to improving their health and quality of life.

Empower yourself with a deep knowledge of the core and pelvic floor. Learn to prevent common core dysfunctions and understand how to restore the body using techniques backed up by current research. Understand the role of posture, breathing and basic daily habits that can have a powerful impact on your pelvic health. Learn to recognize common problems before they become larger issues, and walk away with confidence knowing how to exercise safely at any stage, while getting results.

Whether you are a fitness professional, currently pregnant, newly postpartum, post menopausal or just a curious student of women’s health – this course is for anyone looking to empower themselves with life changing knowledge about their body.

This course will also be a prerequisite for our in person Belle and Bump Method certification course.

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