$72 USD \ $97 CAD

The complete Bump Method digital prenatal exercise program.  Get all 3 full length streamable video workouts for the first, second and third trimesters. Your ultimate preparation for delivery, from conception to birth. Over 145 minutes of workout content. Here’s a video preview!


This digital pregnancy exercise program is your ultimate prenatal preparation for delivery, from conception to birth. This includes all 3 Bump Method Prenatal workouts (best value) that progress through the trimesters of pregnancy. Each of the 3 workouts have been designed with the guidance of Dr. Sinead Dufour, PhD and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and represent the best and latest in exercise science for expecting moms.

Short on time? Each complete workout can be broken down into shorter sections for a customizable experience.

In the First Trimester you’ll connect with your deepest layer of abdominals and learn fundamental building blocks to carry through pregnancy and assist in an easier postnatal recovery. (45 minutes)

In the Second Trimester you’ll increase the intensity of exercise, strengthening and stabilizing joints and muscles to prevent postural changes due to pregnancy. (50 minutes)

In the Third Trimester you’ll focus on preparing for delivery, releasing the pelvic floor and avoiding diastasis recti . (50 minutes)

Suggested Equipment: mat, 1- 3 lb weights, large stability ball, pillow, yoga block or stairs.

*Does not include the “4th Trimester” PostPartum Core Restore Video