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The Bump Method 4th trimester postpartum exercise program is designed to restore your core from the inside out, repair diastasis recti (overstretched separated abdominals) and retrain your deepest layer of abdominal muscles!

Heal your pelvic floor, address prolapse and “sneeze leaks” and reclaim your fitness confidence.

Here’s a video preview of this 4th trimester core restore exercise program.


Fourth Trimester: Restore Your Core

  • Do your abdominals look and feel different since giving birth?
  • Do you ever throw your back out, or suffer from sore/tense neck since having kids?
  • Does your back or hips ache by the end of the day?
  • Want an efficient and proven way to restore your physical strength and confidence?

Reconnect to your deepest layer of abdominals by learning how to activate your inner corset, stabilize your spine and strengthen from the inside out. This workout is ideal for postpartum women – both caesarean and vaginal deliveries – as well as anyone looking to restore proper core function and re-train their abs to fire correctly. The program has been designed with the guidance of Dr. Sinéad Dufour, PhD, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist to help repair diastasis recti (over stretched abdominal tissue”) that often happens during pregnancy. Here’s a video preview of what the 4th Trimester program is all about!

Equipment: mat, yoga block or staircase, long pashmina scarf or towel

Watch the full digital workout from beginning to end, OR choose shorter sections to customize your experience (and break down workouts if you’re short on time!) Video program is 1 hour and 7 minutes in length.