How to know which class is right for you?

  • I'm postpartum and haven't started any training yet. Where do I start?

    Start with the 4th Trimester Core Rehab workout.
    You can do this as early as a week or two after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. Caesarian birth or assisted vaginal birth (forceps, episiotomy, 3rd or 4th degree tearing) may want to wait 6-8 weeks before commencing. Join our Postnatal Level 1 live classes as early as 4-6 weeks after uncomplicated vaginal delivery, or 8 weeks post caesarian or assisted vaginal delivery.
  • Should I do Postnatal Level 1 or Level 2 in the virtual classes?

    Level 1 is designed for early postpartum rehab. Even if you are 5 years postpartum, it's still the place to start if you haven't done dedicated core rehab!
    Level 2 is best done after at least 2 months of consistent core rehab. We do full planks and more challenging core work.
  • When should I take the Prenatal Push Prep class?

    You can start anytime! The sooner you start, the more time you have to build muscle memory for managing intra abdominal pressure, reducing diastasis recti and training for an easier postpartum recovery. If you are beyond 36 weeks, you will want to do the "crash course" in the form of the 2-hour Childbirth and Pushing Without Fear Workshop as you won't have time to benefit from the entire Push Prep Course content.

“I have been doing the Belle Method online video workout for years. It provides a challenging, full body workout that helps me maintain my fitness level when I am travelling or not able to attend an in-person class. I love that you can choose to do the full workout or break it down into segments if you have limited time or want to focus on a particular body part. Nikki's instructions are clear and precise to ensure you are doing the movements properly for maximum results!”
— Natalie S.

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