You are enough

That’s really the most important thing to remember!

I read a wonderful piece the other day about a woman who felt deeply jealous because she constantly compared herself with her peers. One minute she’d be feeling great, making tons of progress when BAM – the news of someone else’s accomplishment or success would trigger the green monster of envy and negative self talk ” Why am I not that _____ ?” and “Why don’t I have _____” etc.

It’s something we have all done to sabotage our own success. Jealousy sets in, you start to feel like a failure and it’s not awesome! Studies have actually shown that social media only contributes to this phenomenon. Let’s face it – Facebook is everyone’s highlight reel. Most of those photos have been carefully selected. No one posts pics of sitting in traffic, cleaning the toilet or rolling out of bed with no make up on. You see someone’s artsy photo on Instagram of them sipping cocktails on a beach and think “Damn I need to get my shit together.”

Stop it!! STOP IT NOW!!!!

Did you get that? Seriously. Stop. Here are some strategies to keep the green monster at bay and shift your mindset to focus on your own talents, gifts and awesomeness. Put them on a sticky note by your computer (for when you’re checking that newsfeed!)

1) You are exactly where you need to be. This place you’re in offers special lessons you need to learn in order to grow.

2)  Toss aside the need to feel perfect. No one is. There…feel better?

3) Keep a journal and write down how you’re feeling. Find a friend you can trust and talk to them about it. You may be surprised how many people are feeling exactly the same thing!

4) Make your voice heard! When you feel valued and respected you will be less likely to compare yourself to others. You have unique gifts to offer, so let them shine!

5) Embrace your vulnerability. Tell yourself “I am not comparable”, “I am enough.” To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into someone else is the most courageous thing you can do!

Finally, check out this amazing Ted Talk talk by Brene Brown, “The power of vulnerability.”

To your infinite success!!!






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