5 Tips on Setting Goals

Goal setting is one of the most powerful things you can do to evolve your life in the direction you want. Here are some simple but effective ways to ensure your goals turn into results. So here’s to making awesome sh*t happen!

Find a quiet moment to visualize what you want to achieve. I recently found one of those moments looking out at the full moon from the window of a quiet plane, free from wifi and distractions.

Tip 1: Reflect on WHY you want to achieve the goal.
Saying “I want to lose 20 lbs” is a good for nothing. Why is that goal important? Why are you hungry for it? Finding your “why” will keep you motivated for the long haul. “To be healthy” isn’t enough. Be specific. Are you losing 20 lbs before you complete your first marathon in June? To get off of a particular medication? To fit into those high school jeans for your class reunion? To get back at an ex and feel vindicated? (Hey, whatever it takes!)

Tip 2: Write it down in the present tense, like you’ve already done it.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. When you speak in the present tense, your subconscious brain understands that you’ve already reached your goal. That creates certainty. It’s having that subconscious certainty that helps you activate your potential, overcome fear and take massive action. This stuff sounds hokey, but it works.

Tip 3: Make your goal quantifiable and specific
Instead of saying “I want to lose weight in 2014” or “I will pay down more debt”, say “I shed 20 lbs by June 2014” and “I pay $10,000 down on my debt by December 2014.” These last two statements are in the present tense, measurable and very specific. You’re setting yourself up for success this way!

Tip 4: Find a role model
Fear can be one helluva saboteur. Fear of failure is why most people fall off the resolution band wagon. Once you’ve decided on, and written down your amazing goals for the New Year, find an inspiring person to encourage and keep you on track. Reading the biographies of people who have struggled and persevered can also be an effective tool for staying motivated. Remember the power of the mind!

Tip 5: Take Massive Action
Progress means happiness. Don’t wait until January 1 to get started. Try something new. You become your daily rituals. Get that juicer, hit the gym, write that letter, start that savings account. Go, do it now. You are ready!

It’s going to be an awesome year!

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