Tools to Reduce Fear of Birth

Calling all expecting parents! This two hour workshop is packed with tools to help you and your birth partner prepare for an empowering birth experience.  Learn to identify fears and work through them — emotionally and physically.

Walk away with hands-on strategies for reducing pain, tension and fear from Nikki’s doula Lorri Fleming — a veteran doula of 20 years who has supported thousands births. Discover evidence-based tips on pushing to reduce pelvic floor trauma.

This 2-hour workshop is already included for students enrolled in our complete 8-week Push Prep course! This 2-hour workshop does not replace our Prenatal Pilates & Push Prep course. Upgrade here for an additional $132 CAD/$105 USD.


  • How to identify your fears
  • The Pain-Tension-Fear Cycle
  • Affirmations to calm your body & mind
  • Birth Partner support tips
  • Hands-on pain relief measures
  • Counter-pressure techniques
  • Pushing Tips from Nikki

*this is not a workout

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  • Hi Nikki, just wanted to send a quick note of thanks! I took your 2-hour Childbirth & Pushing Without Fear workshop and it helped so much! I delivered my 4th child and your workshop helped me feel so much more in control of my labour. My husband also watched it with me and was able to learn about the double hip squeeze and it made him much more confident on how he could help me through each contraction! Even though it was my 4th delivery, I learned so much and we both wish we had watched it before we had our first! Thanks again” – Lisa E
  • The Childbirth & Pushing Without Fear workshop was amazing for preparing my husband to be my support person, and he was my hero! At one point he leaned in and said “this might be harder than holding an ice cube” which made me laugh and relax – the nurses were so impressed with our team work! – Jen S.

Date: Get the recording as soon as you sign up.

Instructors: Nikki Bergen & Lorri Fleming

Cost: $65 CAD (approx. $52 USD)


You will receive instant access to this zoom workshop recording as soon as you sign up. It will be a video link in your confirmation email.

Meet Your Hosts

Lorri Fleming is The WOMB – World of My Baby Co-Founder and a Veteran Doula of 25 years.
Nikki Bergen is a Pilates & Pelvic Health Expert, mama of 2 and Creator of The Belle Method.

* Lorri was Nikki’s doula for both her births and they are beyond excited to be hosting this workshop together!

Lorri Fleming

When I think back to my favourite birth moment, it was probably the first birth I ever attended almost 20 years ago. I shed tears of joy when that baby arrived earth-side. I was simply overjoyed for the new family but most importantly, I knew that I had just found my calling!

To me, it is important to laugh between contractions, and to be reminded that the birth sensation will go away. Moms need me to tell them that yes, birth can be tough but you are TOUGHER! I know what it means to be brave because I have had to be, through the births of my own children, running a marathon and especially when my husband was ill. These situations have taught me to dig deep, I realized how brave and strong I can be and realize what a blessing these challenges have turned out to be.

On my way to every birth, even twenty years later, I say a prayer to say how grateful I am to be a Childbirth Professional and be able to support families as they celebrate their baby’s arrival. I ask God to use me in the way that is most helpful and pray that the birth be a positive experience for the whole family and birthing team. I became a Doula because it fulfills every one of my core values and that to me is the definition of true JOY! Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do!

Nikki Bergen

An inspirational trainer and educator with a passion for encouraging women to lead happier, healthier lives, Nikki Bergen is one of Canada’s most sought after pre and postnatal fitness experts, as well as a passionate pelvic health advocate.

Nikki has dedicated her life to creating fitness programs that create choreography from science, each designed to enable women to ditch the guilt and bring balance to their bodies – whether that is improving incontinence, diastasis recti and prolapse, or just feeling more confident before, during and after pregnancy.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and two young children (whose births were life changing, much thanks to her Doula Lorri!)

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