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The Bump Nutrition Batch Cooking Recipe Book contains 30 delicious recipes approved by Bump Nutrition Holistic Nutritionist Andrea, mom of two. 

These recipes are delicious, nourishing meals that can be made in batches to freeze or refrigerate. The goal is to save you time and energy by cooking more food, less often! 

Having nutritious meals prepped in your fridge or freezer makes it easier to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. We hope that these recipes will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and get comfortable working with new ingredients.

This 30-recipe batch cooking e-book includes a variety of recipes like:
  • Almond Oatmeal Breakfast Bars for breakfast
  • Curried Coconut Soup for lunch
  • Moroccan Chicken Stew for dinner
  • Avocado Brownies for dessert
Many recipes have dairy-free, gluten-free & nut-free options. Enjoy the clickable index for easy recipe access as well as freezer tips for food safety!
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For the month of June, we are donating 100% of the proceeds from this Batch Cooking Recipe book. Funds will be divided between Crescent Kids Charity and Black Mamas Matter.

Andrea and I are both moms and have been privileged to have access to excellent resources and health care during our pregnancies, births and postpartum recoveries. Unfortunately there is a huge racial disparity in healthcare.

Crescent Kids is a charity founded by Nikki’s friend Vanessa, a Black mama whose son was born with sickle cell anemia – a genetic blood disorder for which there is no cure. Sickle cell anemia affects mostly Black people, and is unfortunately vastly underfunded. Read the inspiring story about Vanessa and her son Elijah here. 

Statistics show that Black women in the US are three to four times more likely to experience a pregnancy-related death than White women. Change is long overdue. Black Mamas Matter is an organization that resonated with us and we hope to help do our part to create a world where Black mamas have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive before, during, and after pregnancy.