Judith Houwaard


Judith was born the Netherlands and has lived in Costa Rica, Dubai and now Canada.
She was a flight attendant for 8 years before starting a new career as Pilates instructor.
Having clumsy genes and a bad knee caused her a lot of hip pain. Discovering Pilates was her “magic cure”.
She fell in love with how strong and capable it made her body feel and wanted to give others that same experience.
In 2018, Judith moved to Canada and became a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor.  She straight away started working at Equinox as a private and group class instructor.
That same year, her baby girl was born.  After giving birth she sought pelvic physiotherapy to retrain her pelvic floor as a a previously broken sacrum and delivery had created chronic tailbone pain. For a second time she learned how beneficial Pilates was for her body.
When not doing Pilates you can find her reading, learning, cooking and moving, but her favourite time is when she’s dancing with her almost 2 year old little baby girl!

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