8 Tips to Get Back in Shape


If you blew off your workout routine for a few weeks (or the whole summer…it’s ok, we get it!), getting back to your pre-hiatus fitness level can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, we got you! Whether an injury, illness, vacation, or overbooked social life is to blame, having to start back at square one is never fun—but here are 8 tips to make the transition back to fitness a smoother one.

  1. Practice Self Love. Perhaps most importantly, do NOT berate yourself for having taken a break from working out. Be kind to your body and know that you 100% will get back in shape – it may take a month or two, but it’s going to happen.
  2. Cut out Sugar.  If you have to have it, no more than 15 grams a day and stay away from artificial sweeteners. (No diet sodas).
  3. Challenge yourself to break a sweat at least 5 days a week for an hour. This can be in the form of a group fitness class, a brisk walk or run, soccer game, swimming, cycling – anything you want!
  4. Drink More Water. Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. Try a big glass lemon water first thing in the morning, and all throughout the day. Lemon water also helps liver function to detox your body and shed extra pounds.
  5. Eat Soup. Have a vegetable based, low sodium soup as dinner every other night for a week. Homemade it best! Make it Sunday night and enjoy for several days. You can always freeze the excess. Here are some recipe ideas from Oh She Glows that we love!
  6. Prep Snacks. Wash and chop carrots, celery, and peppers and place in tupperware or baggies for easy fridge access when hunger strikes. Add hummus dip for an extra satisfying snack containing protein.
  7. No white bread, rice, flour or pasta. Switch to quinoa, millet, brown/wild rice and buckwheat. Bonus: these are all gluten free which means easier to digest, and delicious!
  8. Breathe and Let go. Turn off your devices and meditate for a few minutes at least once a day. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply in and out. Visualize yourself healthier, happier, sexier, feeling good, and taking care of you.

Enjoy the last 2 weeks of summer! We’ll see you back on your mat this September 🙂

Watermelon Mint Mocktail Recipe

Here’s something to sip on! Enjoy this recipe by Belle Holistic Nutritionist, Laura De Sanctis! 
With summer comes fresh seasonal fruit and usually cocktails on the patio or on a rooftop. The problem with many of these summery drinks, is that they are packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners and food dyes.
What I love about this mocktail recipe is that it’s super hydrating and only uses a few seasonal ingredients. The mint leaves, which I call nature’s gum, adds that extra kick of flavour. I use mint more than just as a flavouring agent, but because of it’s nutritious and healing benefits. Mint helps aid in digestion, alleviating symptoms such as IBS, dyspepsia and indigestion. It also acts as a natural antibiotic and is anti-fungal.
What’s a summer drink without any watermelon? Watermelon is one of my go-to fruits for the summer. It’s one of the most hydrating foods with over 90 per cent water.  That’s right, 90 per cent water!!!
If you’re looking to whip up something this summer that’s quick and easy to make, healthy to serve, and packed with flavour (minus the alcohol, artificial sweeteners and colouring agents) try this easy mocktail recipe.
Watermelon Mint Mocktail Recipe
2 cups of organic watermelon (packed)
8 mint leaves
2 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice
2-4 ice cubes
*Blend all ingredients on high until smooth and enjoy!
*Another option is to use the recipe above, to make summer popsicles. Include all ingredients mentioned above except for ice. Place the liquid in a popsicle stick tray and freeze until solid.
*Nutritional tip: Watermelon is one of the most hydrating foods with over 90 per cent water. Eating hydrating foods such as watermelon and cucumber are great for weight loss and detoxification.
Another benefit of watermelon is that it’s packed with lycopene, which is a great-anti-inflammatory. Lycopene also gives watermelon it’s reddish-pink colour.
About Laura De Sanctis 
Laura De Sanctis is a Holistic Nutritionist, speaker, health blogger and international health and wellness ambassador.  She aims to provide individualized care and assessments to all clients, and bases her treatments around sensible and holistic dietary and lifestyle advice.
Laura is a Holistic Nutritionist with Belle Nutrition, and specializes in coaching women on digestive wellness, detoxification and post-pregnancy weight loss.
She also conducts educational and corporate seminars, speaking on topics such as the importance of overall nutrition, gut health and mindful eating. We’re lucky to have her on our team!