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Exercise Tips From a Pregnant Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

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I was recently a guest health expert on the YouTube talk show Social Common. And oh, did I ever have a blast with the fabulous hosts Natalie and Catherine. They didn’t hold back on the questions about kegels, coming out of child birth “unscathed” and “vagina rehab” (aka Pelvic Health Physiotherapy). Sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly […]

The Bump Method – exercise during pregnancy

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There are few things that change a woman’s body more quickly or dramatically than pregnancy.  Hormonal and emotional changes aside (that’s a different article!); the physical growth of the baby has profound implications for the mother’s body. The Bump Method is a Pilates based exercise program designed to safely and effectively train women both during […]

Dudes in Pilates

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First off, let’s agree that Pilates can benefit everyone: Young and old, triathletes and exercise virgins and of course, males and females. While we are known as a “Fitness Philosophy for Women”, men are most welcome (and sometimes taunted by their female counterparts) to join our Belle Method classes. I admit that our purple and […]

Healthy Snacks for the Work Day

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Keeping your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day is one of the most effective ways to keep your metabolism revved up, your weight in check and your body healthy. For office workers, the dreaded hunger pangs that usually happen around 10 am and 4 pm can cause desperate runs to vending machines and drive-thru […]

Exercise makes us happier

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We sort of knew this to be true already, but it’s always good to have more proof! For the past decade or so, scientists have explored how exercising can affect mood and boost brain function. Across all ages and fitness levels  (from mall walkers to triathletes) making time for exercise can be one of the most important […]

Lessons from the MUD

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So The Badass Belles did Tough Mudder again this past weekend, for the second time. First of all, I have to say that I LOVE our team. On the drive up to Mount St Louis Moonstone Ski resort at 6 am we were all wondering why the hell we had signed up for more mud, […]

Dancing with Parkinsons Disease

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Once a week, every Wednesday I get a reality check. It’s been happening for 5 years, and I couldn’t be more grateful. See, 5 years ago I read an article in the Globe and Mail about a new dance class in Toronto for people with Parkinson’s Disease started by former National Ballerina Sarah Robichaud. On a whim, […]

You are enough

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That’s really the most important thing to remember! I read a wonderful piece the other day about a woman who felt deeply jealous because she constantly compared herself with her peers. One minute she’d be feeling great, making tons of progress when BAM – the news of someone else’s accomplishment or success would trigger the […]

40-min March Break Workout

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For those of you traveling to Florida or even at home with the kids this March Break (ie. out of your typical finess routine), have no fear! Here’s an easy, effective and intense workout you can do with no equipment! Classes are on hold for March Break and doing this workout will keep you feeling strong […]

Balance is Bullshit

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Originally published by The Belle Method in The Purple Fig When I was starting my fitness company I was dating a guy who constantly said, “Babe, you need to find more balance.” It always drove me nuts. (I now realize what the poor guy was trying to say, but it’s taken about 7 years.) At […]