Nikki Bergen


I have been training with Nikki for three years. The Pilates program that she has designed is intense and challenging and she has a friendly way of keeping you motivated and on track during her sessions. Not only do I feel long and strong from doing Pilates with Nikki, but I have also have had it confirmed by my doctor. I am in the 98th percentile (of patients my age) for the number of push ups and sit ups that I can do!
– Leanna D.

Nikki’s classes are never boring! She is both inspiring and motivating and at the end of the class everybody leaves with big smiles. I’m in the best shape of my whole life thanks to Pilates!
– Gail H.

After my double mastectomy I was anxious to start exercising again but I was also terrified that I could do more damage than good. I took a cross-training course geared toward encouraging post-cancer patients to exercise but I suffered from a lot of lymphedema. I turned to lymphatic massage for relief but I found it was Nikki who really provided the most relief. Nikki helped me to be active again and she helped me to get relief from my pain and swelling. After a session with Nikki I feel energized, relaxed and I feel relief. Nikki pays attention to the needs of her clients and she is knowledgeable.
– Rachel E.

I’ve been training with Nikki for almost a year now early on Saturday mornings.  She consistently varies the program which she tailors to address my objectives and moods.  We do a combination of Pilates, weight-training and plyometrics.  My posture has improved, I have more energy and generally feel more toned all over.  On vacation recently, my husband said “I actually see definition in your abs” when I was wearing my bikini!  Nikki always brightens my mood and for the first time in my life I actually look forward to exercising – even early on a Saturday morning!
– Steph S.

I started doing pilates with Nikki about 3 years ago and absolutely loved her classes! During this time, we found out we were expecting a baby and with Nikki’s expertise, I was able to continue doing pilates right up to my due date! I was a little anxious to get back at it after the baby, but with Nikki’s encouragement and support I was back doing roll-ups in no time! Thank you Nikki!!
– Bonnie R.

Having taken pilates classes and privates for 12 years in both New York and Toronto I am able to confidently declare that Nikki is an absolutely outstanding pilates teacher and trainer – in fact the very best!  I credit Nikki for getting and safely keeping me in great shape before, during and after my third pregnancy. I can happily recommend her knowing that anyone who works out with her will obtain the results they are hoping for (not least because Nikki herself is a fabulous walking advert for her abilities!!!)
– Claire B.

Nikki’s upbeat personality makes her pilates classes a fantastic way to start or end the day. In the classes, she shares her immense knowledge about how the body moves and transfers that knowledge into a workout that increases core strength, flexibility and muscle tone. It is a pilates workout that produces results!
– Sue H.

Nikki is a superb Pilates Instructor.  I have had the great pleasure of working with Nikki on hosting instructional Pilates workshops for the fitness industry and her level of professionalism and expertise, continues to impress me.  I have received nothing but outstanding feedback from others, including my clients and co-workers, on dealings with Nikki- both a professional and personal level.  Her passionate and excelled commitment of teaching, educating and inspiring others, definitely shows through her workshops and business interactions.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to pursue continued education in the area of Pilates and fitness.
– Laura F.

As a new mom I had been finding it challenging to get back to working out, but then I started doing post-natal pilates with Nikki.  These classes give me the motivation I need!  It’s so great that the babies are incorporated in the class because it not only keeps them entertained, but the added weight of carrying them makes each exercise that much more difficult.  I am definitely noticing the benefits – I feel great, my back doesn’t hurt as much and I am returning to my pre-baby shape!
– Jen B.

After my first class with Nikki, I looked at her and said she would change my life. Classes are non-stop and well thought out. Her knowledge, expertise and teaching skills are unique in the field, in my opinion. I trust Nikki’s expertise even when she is asking us to do more than what we find “comfortable” and my body benefits: arms, legs and core are stronger, joints are more flexible and I am more energetic. Nikki has indeed changed my life!
– Marilyn L.

I’ve been working out with Nikki for over two years and she continues to surprise me at every class.  She varies her classes so you are never bored and each week brings new challenges. Not only does Nikki offer an incredibly intense and challenging workout, but she does it all with a smile. You can’t help but love her and go back for more!
– Kyra B.

Nikki’s extensive knowledge and amazing teaching techniques has helped me get my body back! Having gone through a c-section and diastasis, I thought I would never be able to have my abdomen properly recover. Nikki’s core training helped me repair my muscles and not only give me tight and toned stomach, but a tight and toned body! Pilates has become a regular part of my workout regime.
– Sylvia M.

Exercising with Nikki is always a rewarding challenge. She is a motivating and effective instructor. Under Nikki’s guidance I did pilates throughout my last pregnancy and, compared to three previous pregnancies, my postpartum recovery was much faster. Regaining my core strength and tone has not been nearly as difficult this time around. Nikki is an intuitive teacher with a sound knowledge of the body and how to make an exercise maximally effective.
– Beth M.

While going through treatment for breast cancer Nikki came highly recommended to me by a friend. Not only because she is an amazing teacher but because of her training, experience and interest with the Pink Ribbon Program, specializing in exercise rehab for breast cancer survivors. My aim was to still get exercise and build strength in the comfort of my own home. Nikki’s gentle guidance and patience, has seen me through chemo and surgery. She is an invaluable part of my health team and I always look forward to our weekly sessions.
– Janine P.

I had never given Pilates a chance until I had the opportunity to work out with Nikki. Her unique approach convinced me to add Pilates to my cardio focused work-out routine. Since doing The Belle Method, my core strength has really improved a lot and I feel much better overall!
– Martina S.