Nikki Bergen

Core Restore Pilates

This class teaches Pilates basic principles and essentials of core recruitment, pelvic floor activation, breath awareness and posture. We take elements of pelvic physical therapy and focus on proper technique for full-body strengthening. Get ready to restore your core! This class is a wonderful preparation for BelleFusion or for those looking for a more classic Pilates class with a focus on repairing diastasis recti and prolapse.


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    What people are saying!

  • I have been training with Nikki for three years. The Pilates program that she has designed is intense and challenging and she has a friendly way of keeping you motivated and on track during her sessions. Not only do I feel long and strong from doing Pilates with Nikki, but I have also have had it confirmed by my doctor. I am in the 98th percentile (of patients my age) for the number of push ups and sit ups that I can do!
    - Leanna D.

  • Nikki’s classes are never boring! She is both inspiring and motivating and at the end of the class everybody leaves with big smiles. I’m in the best shape of my whole life thanks to Pilates!
    - Gail H.