Nikki Bergen

Corporate Sessions

Your staff will benefit from the body awareness that The Belle Method classes promote and will learn movement principles to apply in their daily office activities. Both men and women can benefit.

We focus on strengthening the core, stretching tight muscles, improving posture and reducing common neck tension associated with deskwork.

Some widely noted benefits of our workplace exercise programs include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Relived stress and tension
  • Heightened employee concentration
  • Improved overall workplace morale
  • A demonstrated commitment to work like balance
We also offer on-site Nutrition and Wellness seminars in a “lunch and learn” format.


    What people are saying!

  • Nikki’s upbeat personality makes her pilates classes a fantastic way to start or end the day. In the classes, she shares her immense knowledge about how the body moves and transfers that knowledge into a workout that increases core strength, flexibility and muscle tone. It is a pilates workout that produces results!
    - Sue H.

  • Nikki’s inspired approach to core fitness has me looking forward to working out for the first time – ever!  Her classes are exceptionally focused and results driven.
    - Martha D.