Nikki Bergen


As a Fitness & Nutrition Expert, Pilates instructor, Entrepreneur and Wellness Coach, Nikki Bergen knows firsthand the importance of being true to yourself in order to be happy, healthy and successful.  Her passion is in helping others overcome roadblocks and create the life they really want, today.

This is what The Belle Method coaching is all about:

1) Purpose: Knowing, creating and living your dreams

2) Nutrition: Creating a physical foundation for energy, clarity & health

3) Fitness: Movement for health, joy and vitality

4) Self-Care: Honoring your needs

5) Evolution: Having a daily practice that gets you where you want to go

6) Prosperity: Creating the income to support your goals and purpose

Belle Coaches work with clients around the world (in person and on skype calls) to help them grow through better physical, emotional, and financial health.

Who is Belle Method Coaching for? 

  • Women (and men) who are ready to take action steps towards their goals and dreams
  • People who want to love what they do for work
  • People who want to live what they teach and grow a business around health, happiness and prosperity
  • Self-starters with a strong desire to transition from a traditional job to owning their own business