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After my second child was born in 2010, I had every postnatal syndrome I could think of. I was so weak that I barely recognized myself. All the skills I had learned from years of studying anatomy, kinesiology and physiology, somehow didn’t apply. I had never trained a postnatal woman in the same condition as I was in.
Determined to find a holistic alternative to surgery, I immersed myself in the world of restorative movement therapy. This decision redefined my career. I dove head-first into pelvic health books and pelvic floor training, learning about the power of fascial work, alignment and its relationship to neuromuscular retraining. Against all medical doctors’ statistics I was able to rehabilitate my tissue back to fully functional abdominal support. By relearning how to move from the inside out, my diastasis recti closed up. This process deepened my appreciation of the human body, its strengths and its ability to heal itself. I now have three children and my body is stronger than it ever was. We move each and every day. It should never hurt. I look forward to guiding you on your own journey.             ◄ back to instructors