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Leanne’s Bio

Leanne has always had a love for fitness and the benefits that come from challenging the body through exercise.  As a young adult, she became an avid indoor cycling enthusiast and began working with a personal trainer.  It was through her own relationship with her trainer and working at a fitness club that Leanne realized her own dream – she became a certified CanFitPro instructor and Spinning Instructor.  But it wasn’t until she discovered Pilates through a Belle Method workshop that she realized the importance of Pilates and its benefits as a complement to a regular strength and cardio fitness program.

After only a few weeks of Pilates it was evident how much stronger her core was becoming and how much her posture had improved. Not only that, but having dealt with lifelong health issues, it was clear that Pilates was improving her body’s overall wellbeing. Since then, Leanne has completed the Stott Pilates Intensive Mat course and blends Pilates technique into her clients’ training and bootcamps.

Many women lead hectic lives balancing work, family and personal time. As a corporate world veteran, Leanne relates to this first hand and is the support and encouragement that her female clients need. She creates customized programs that work with busy schedules, coaches and motivates clients and ultimately gets them results!

Always developing her skills as a Fitness Professional, Leanne’s next courses will be in pre and post natal Pilates. She loves plyometric training, designing bootcamp drills and constantly challenges herself to grow – last year this meant conquering another dream: learning how to fly the trapeze.


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