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Why Pelvic Health Physiotherapy will change your life

By: Nikki  

Even though I haven’t had kids yet, I’ve seen a Pelvic Floor Physio to get checked out “down there”. And it’s something I can honestly say every woman (kids or not) should do for themselves! We’re talking life-changing: proper pelvic floor function = better exercise results as well as the prevention of many unpleasant female […]

Spice up your Life: 10 spices for Better Health

By: Nikki   ,

No this isn’t a Spice Girls reference, although we were big fans in the 90s….Here are 10 spectacular spices that can boost your health while making your food delicious. Explorers have gone in search of them, wars have been sparked over them, and at times they have been worth more than gold.¬† Spices have been […]